Payment Rails bolsters leadership team with key hires for VP Product and VP Sales

Payment Rails has been growing rapidly over the past 18 months. We are very excited to announce two key hires to our leadership team to support that continued growth: Jordan Cohen has joined as VP of Sales to lead our accelerated customer adoption, and Barnett Klane has joined as VP of Product to guide our product roadmap as we continue to solve payouts and accounts payable automation challenges for our current and future customers.

Jordan Cohen, VP of Sales, joins with an extensive track record leading B2B sales teams in the fintech space. Previously, he was the VP of Business Development with OnDeck Canada, a leading fintech SMB lender in North America. Jordan spent over seven years growing revenues making OnDeck a leading player in Canada as a premier SMB B2B lender. He developed and led highly functional sales teams, partnership channels, & strategic planning on delivering value with capital to small & medium businesses during his time there. “Over the last 15 years, I have been very active within the fintech ecosystem and startup community. The opportunity to join an up-and-coming startup, like Payment Rails, hits the mark with my core value of helping businesses maximize their potential with an innovative software solution. Having an incredible payout software solution provides many areas of potential growth to serve our customers across the globe in core vertices such as Music Royalties, Creator Platforms, Influencer Marketing, Online Marketplaces, Publisher Platforms, and Esports, to name a few.”

Barnett Klane, VP of Product, was an early employee and product leader for the global crowdsourced cybersecurity marketplace, Bugcrowd. At Bugcrowd for nearly seven years within the product management and engineering teams, most recently overseeing payments, payouts, workflow, and technical partnerships. In that role, Barnett led the competitive market review for a new payouts platform and the ultimate selection and integration of Payment Rails, and is now bringing an experienced customer perspective to the product organization. “With more businesses enabling users to monetize, whether social network or crowdsourced marketplaces, a firm’s ability to grow globally can become bottlenecked if integrated with the wrong payouts partner,” says Barnett. “Payment Rails is positioned to enable business growth while solving the related payout problems. With scalability in global payout processing and end-to-end platform automation, customers get the best of both worlds: expansion while limiting additional operational costs. I’m incredibly excited to work with this team and looking forward to helping more businesses solve their payouts problems.”

To learn more about Payment Rails or to get started automating your payouts, visit us at

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