Are you ready for Europe's new tax reporting directives?

Why not use DAC7 as an excuse to improve your tax workflow? Trolley's groundbreaking DAC7 reporting solution is designed exclusively for online marketplaces! Effortlessly collect tax information, make payments, and generate end-of-year reports and forms in just minutes.

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A single tool to solve DAC7 requirements

Self-service tax information collection from sellers

Generate and store tax records on each payment

Report all relevant payments to EU member states

Deliver end-of-year earnings reports to recipients

Supports four types of income reportable under the directives

Handles tax compliance in both the EU and US from one platform

tax form automations

Instant DAC7 compliance for online marketplace

If you operate a non-EU marketplace, but pay sellers in the EU, you likely need to comply with DAC7. Replace what could be a tedious manual reporting process with an automated tool. Generate XML tax files compliant with EU guidelines in a few clicks. Simplify processes, save filing time and compliance costs.

Stay compliant in both the EU and US simultaneously

Compliance and tax reporting can be exponentially complicated if you have to file in more than one country. With multiple entities involved, getting recipients compliant, and four different work activity types to manage, it can get all confusing. Let our DAC7-trained software juggle everything for you.

Trolley dashboard

Generate reports in minutes, not hours

The average tax team takes four weeks to generate end of year reports. Replace complicated processes and form filing with a single tool.

  • Support all four income types reportable under DAC7: Goods, Services, Transportation, and Property Rentals.
  • Set payments as taxable or tax exempt and create tax records for each payment.
  • Generate end of year reports, and tax statements for your sellers.

Seamless EU seller onboarding and info collection

It doesn't matter which country you operate in, you can seamlessly onboard new sellers from anywhere in the EU. Collect all required tax information for DAC7 compliance using a self-service, white label tool. In one session recipients can securely provide all needed information like tax data, bank account, and payment preferences.



Trolley takes data-security very seriously. We are continuously monitoring our systems and offer customizable security management settings and leverage bank-level encryption—so you can operate in full confidence.

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Integrate, onboard, schedule, pay, communicate, and comply — all from the Trolley platform & API — with next-to-zero effort required.