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[Press Release] Introducing Trolley Plus: All-in-One, Enterprise-Grade Payouts Solution

Trolley Introduces “Trolley Plus,” an all-in-one payouts automation solution tailored for fast-growing companies, offering enterprise-grade features, volume discounts, and comprehensive management tools to streamline tax compliance and fraud management.

TORONTO, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2023 ​– Trolley, the payouts platform for the internet economy, is pleased to announce it is bringing to market a new version of its end-to-end payouts automation solution—one tailored to fast-growing companies and enterprises. 

As companies scale and move into new stages of maturity, payouts evolve with them, and complexities around tax compliance, data synchronization, and fraud management become critical issues that can slow or even stop growth.

By bundling enterprise-grade features and volume discounts under a new “Trolley Plus” plan, Trolley has assembled an all-in-one toolkit that’s priced based on business value in order to better match the exponential growth customers are seeking, offering customers all-inclusive benefits such as:

  • Access to enterprise-grade features: Leverage next-level tools including Revenue Stream, multi-jurisdiction tax compliance, cross-entity recipient sync, granular user roles, higher API rate limits, and a native NetSuite integration.
  • Management for complex organizations: With support for parent and child accounts, set up your account models with flexibility. Recipient syncing makes sure data across accounts is streamlined.
  • No charge for onboarding non-paid recipients: Onboard as many recipients as you want, free of cost. Pay only for those who you send funds to.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Access the Trolley Plus expert team to help you maximize savings and implement highly efficient workflows.

Intuitive Payout & Tax Features To Fuel Customer Growth

Over the past few years, Trolley has gone from a single product to a platform solving for the end-to-end workflow of global payouts management, and processing millions of payments per year to the nearly 3 million recipients on the platform. We’ve learned from each of the hundreds of customers we’ve onboarded, and have come to realize our plans needed to evolve in a way that bakes in both flexibility and scalability to help our customers grow with Trolley—everyone from SMBs to Fortune 500-level enterprises.

“Five years ago, we set out to become the leading payouts platform for the internet economy, and we’ve realized that the problems of payouts are not just about sending payments, but the end-to-end management of the payer and recipient experience, from onboarding to payments to tax filing,” says Tim Nixon, Trolley’s Founder & CEO. “As our product and customer base has become more diverse, it only makes sense that our packaging and offerings evolve in tandem. At the end of the day, we’re committed to making your growth our mission.”

One of the most exciting, exclusive features of Trolley Plus is Revenue Stream, which offers customers multiple ways to manage the transaction costs for their freelancers or contractors, thereby reducing the cost of payouts. 

For multi-entity companies with recipients across different business groups or subsidiaries, Trolley Plus allows them to be managed under one plan, making data collection a one-time, simplified user experience.

Trolley Plus also offers a multi-jurisdiction tax compliance product that’s ready to address regulatory processes in the USA and across all 27 EU member states, with more to come.

Lastly, Trolley customers frequently cite consistent, rapid customer service as one of Trolley’s greatest strengths. Trolley Plus customers will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager fully available to provide timely one-on-one advice, help implement more efficient workflows, and maximize savings.

Leveraging Expertise & Experience To Bolster Long-Term Partnerships

“We often hear that pricing models are confusing, hard to forecast, and include a ton of hidden fees. We wanted a pricing model that felt like the opposite of that: easy to understand, straightforward to forecast and without surprises,” notes Conor Cox, Trolley’s VP Revenue. “After countless conversations with customers, we wanted to align our pricing model with the ‘atomic unit’ that our customers put value on—the recipient.”

By virtue of this new product packaging, Trolley customers can rest easy knowing that their future growth is accounted for. “In the context of our go-to-market strategy, launching Trolley Plus is a huge step forward,” says Vincent Guérin, Trolley’s VP Marketing. “With this new all-in-one solution, we can best serve customers at any stage of their business journey, with a price that makes the most sense for their needs.”

For more information about Trolley Plus, visit Trolley’s Pricing page.

About Trolley

Trolley is the end-to-end payouts platform built for the internet economy, helping businesses make and manage payouts to contractors around the globe. Finance and product teams across hundreds of organizations—including Envato, Downtown Music, Bugcrowd, GoTo, & Viral Nation—use Trolley to automate processes and enable payouts at scale. Annually, Trolley sends billions of dollars in 210+ countries & territories, with over 2.5 million total recipients on the platform. Trolley is on a mission to unlock the collective economic opportunity of the internet.

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