Why choose Trolley

Mass Payouts Simplified

Trolley is a complete global accounts payable platform offering you the most methods of sending business payments to your recipients worldwide.

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Powering your company’s global expansion plan

No need to worry about the hassle or pains of sending payments abroad while you’re scaling your business globally. Send mass payouts to as many recipients as needed.

Streamline your large-scale, cross-border payments with our advanced mass payments capabilities. Our international network gives you access to over 135 currencies in over 200 different countries, so you can process international payments in bulk without having to open local currency accounts.

Send your payments in bulk quickly

We have developed a complete payout platform with powerful features that can help you streamline your payment process and send payments in bulk to suppliers, partners, contractors, freelancers, and many more. No matter how many payments you need to make at once and what the total volume is, you can rely on Trolley to deliver the funds fast.

You can start sending payments by uploading all your payout instructions to our dashboard or by integrating your platform or accounting tool through our payout API. With Trolley, we make this process quick and seamless.

Batch payments with multiple methods and currencies.

The more your business grows internationally, the more complex international payments can get. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can stop worrying about those high fees, lengthy delivery time, confusing banking systems and complex tax regulations. With one platform, we simplify global payouts making it easy to send payments to 220+ countries in 135+ currencies.

With Trolley, you can send mass payouts to your suppliers, partners, contractors, and freelancers in the payment method they prefer. You can even include as many payees, payment methods, and currencies as needed. Yes, we can handle all of it.

The Global Payment Platform

It has never been easier to grow your business internationally. Get access to Trolley’s next-generation payments infrastructure and global banking network.


No more need to juggle multiple bank accounts, currencies, FX and payment method

Multiple Currencies

Pick and currency, and currency. We got it!

Worldwide Coverage

One platform. Global reach. Access new markets as you scale your business.

Payment Options

More payment options for your recipients

Plug and Play

Use your own Paypal wallet for a simplified and integrated experience

White-label Platform

Your brand is king. You take the credit while we support you.

Ready to get started?

Integrate, onboard, schedule, pay, communicate, and comply—all from the Trolley platform & API—with little effort required.

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