Trolley Tax Demo

We simplify your contractor tax process

Trolley was built to make taxes easy for businesses and the people they pay. From automated W-8 & W-9 collection to the distribution of end-of-year IRS forms, Trolley takes the hassle out of 1042-S & 1099s so you can focus on what you do best.

See Trolley’s Tax Features in Action

Book a 30 minute, specialized tax demo to learn how Trolley can help you:

  • Onboard contractor payment info
  • Collect W-8 & W-9 forms
  • Automate tax withholdings
  • Categorize & split payments across multiple tax categories
  • Distribute 1099 & 1042-S tax forms
  • Prepare your IRS e-files

Trolley makes IRS Tax Compliance Easy


Flexible Onboarding & Earnings Allocation

Whether you use Trolley’s white-label portal or embedded widget, it’s easy to securely collect payee identification and tax information.

Robust Tax Collection and Reporting

Trolley endeavours to make tax compliance as simple as possible, which means integrating with the tools you already use and automating repetitive tasks wherever possible.


Boost Efficiency & Save Money

With Trolley, your teams can save nearly 80% of their time by automating administrative tasks. Plus, we offer tax statement generation & distribution (postal mail & digital) directly from our platform with transparent per-statement pricing.

Ready to automate your tax compliance and filing today?