Envato and Trolley: Partnering To Empower Creators Everywhere

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“As creatives demand more intelligent experiences and convenience becomes increasingly important, we knew we needed a payout provider that could meet these expectations. We asked ourselves and our authors, how could we improve and streamline the payout process of over 42,000 earning authors?”

Trolley is thrilled to announce our newest partner: Envato, the world’s leading marketplace and community for creative assets and creative people. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey to unlock the economic opportunity of the internet through our global payouts ecosystem.

Envato has been shaping the creative industry since its inception, creating dynamic platforms for creators and offering innovative products that have earned its creative community over $1 billion. We aim to help Envato further streamline the payout process for creators on both Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Keri Thom, Envato’s Finance Director, speaks highly of this union: “Our partnership with Trolley makes it possible to focus on improving experiences for authors and customers by removing manual work from the equation. From day one, Trolley has understood our commitment to supporting more than 42,000 earning authors, our business requirements, and the way we operate. This gives us confidence that this partnership will play a role in our ability to rise to the challenges of our industry.”

This partnership is part of Envato’s ongoing initiative to constantly evolve and respond to their author’s needs. Envato set an objective of making the payment process for authors more efficient and convenient by providing an option for payment via bank transfer on earnings from Elements. 

Trolley was the perfect fit for this, with the ability to not only make bank transfers possible at a low fee, but also give authors across 173 countries the option to receive their earnings in their local currency from their local bank.

Several key factors influenced the decision to partner with Trolley. “We were impressed by the simplicity and ease of integration of the Trolley platform. Their transparent fee structure gave our authors confidence in the payout transition,” Thom shares. “But what really stood out to us was the impression we got from Trolley that they wanted to partner with us, not just treat us as another number or client. We are excited to partner with Trolley and believe that this platform will help us achieve our goals and provide a better experience for our authors.”

Conor Cox, Trolley’s VP of Revenue, celebrates this partnership: “Envato has been a champion of the creator economy, showcasing innovation and dedication to their author community. This is a partnership of shared values and mutual respect, and we’re excited to help further their mission to empower creators worldwide.”

In a broader context, Tim Nixon, Trolley’s CEO, notes the transformative trend toward digitally independent work and how this partnership reflects that: “The creator economy is a global movement that rewards resourcefulness and originality. Its growth has been exponential over the last few years, and marketplaces like Envato have played a pivotal role in empowering creators worldwide. As Trolley supports Envato in optimizing its payout process, we’re contributing to an ecosystem that values and prioritizes those who fuel its growth: the authors, designers, builders, and all other creators.”

By integrating Trolley’s proprietary payouts tech, Envato has taken a significant step in further enhancing its author’s experience, reinforcing its position as a leader in the creative industry.

We at Trolley are proud to be part of this journey and are excited to see where this partnership will lead as we work toward reshaping the future of the creative industry.

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