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Streamline your contractor onboarding, payments, and tax compliance with a single platform. Save time, reduce costs, replace complicated processes, and scale your Accounts Payable infinitely using Trolley.

Enabling faster payments for

Self-serve contractor onboarding and automated compliance

Whether you use Trolley’s white-label portal, API, or embedded widget, it’s easy to collect payee bank and tax information securely. Trolley also helps you collect and verify information needed to meet compliance requirements for payouts.

Send payments to 215+ countries

Trolley makes domestic or international payouts simple, which means you can send payouts to vendors using the payment methods they prefer. Our payout network lets you send to 215+ countries using 135+ currencies.

tax form automations

Automatic contractor tax management tools

Collect tax and comply with your and your vendors' jurisdictions. Streamline supplier tax onboarding (W-9 & W-8 BEN) and filing (1099 & 1042-S) with automated form collection, validation, withholding calculations, payouts, and year-end tax reporting.

Sync with your ERP and simplify accounts payable

Connect Trolley to your ERP and other software using our built-in integrations. Save work, reduce manual effort, prevent duplication errors, and get the visibility you need to make business decisions — faster.

Bank Level Security and Encryption

Trolley takes data-security very seriously. We offer customizable security management settings and leverage bank-level encryption—so you can operate in full confidence.

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Integrate, onboard, schedule, pay, communicate, and comply—all from the Trolley platform & API—with little effort required.

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