Trolley API, SDK, & Widget

Your ready-to-deploy payouts engine

Use Trolley’s powerful payouts API and out-of-the-box developer tools to automate payout operations, build customized workflows, and grow your platform or marketplace across borders without the heavy lift.

Developer toolkits trusted by enterprises and startups

Customized workflows: from sandbox to production in minutes

Built by developers, for developers, Trolley gets that merging payouts infrastructure within your existing code can be challenging. We built our developer tools with this simple premise: devs should be able to move from experimenting in the sandbox to sending payouts in minutes.

1. Sign up

2. Choose the tools best suited to your tech stack

3. Play in the free sandbox to build and customize workflows, and test your integration

4. Swap the API keys from sandbox to production


5. You're live!

The global payment platform

It's never been easier to grow your business internationally. Get access to Trolley’s next generation payments infrastructure and global banking network to send funds to suppliers and contractors around the world.

Fully flexible APIs

We built Trolley with an API-first philosophy, meaning our platform is powered by our own APIs. Every functionality in the Trolley interface comes with a corresponding API component, enabling you to build workflows tailored to your specific business needs.

Our REST-based APIs:

Add fully compliant payouts with pre-packaged tools

Simplify your architecture and skip the hassle of writing hundreds of lines of code with our pre-built tools and libraries.

Open source SDKs in popular languages

Use SDKs in 6 different development languages to write less code and accelerate your integration process.

Pre-built, modular widget

Hosted by Trolley or integrated directly into your platform, our widget lets you onboard recipients with built-in bank info collection, tax compliance, and ID verification.

Custom callback webhooks

State-of-the-art, lightweight webhooks that enable communication between your internal apps. Trigger communication with your recipients or update systems per your business logic.

Faster time to market

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Fewer lines of code

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Launch and iterate faster

Focus on your core workflows and let Trolley handle payouts and compliance. Trolley is built for the internet economy, so you don’t have to choose between scale, speed, and quality.

Postman collection

Test the integration of Trolley’s APIs before you put in the work. Trolley’s Postman collection lets you take us for a test drive without any commitments.

A complete ecosystem for developers

Providing a fully integrated user experience for your recipients doesn’t need to be complicated. Use our full range of developer tools to build the integrations you want, with accessible support teams always ready to help.

Developer tools

A spectrum of tools, from one-line integrations to full customization


An always-free, self-serve sandbox lets you build, customize, and test before you decide to buy


Comprehensive documentation, including developer guides and blogs to help you get the most out of our tools


Open-source contributions and an advocacy team that is constantly improving based on developer feedback

Best-in-class developer and recipient experience

Some platforms are dev-friendly, while others focus on the end-user experience. Trolley understands that both are a competitive advantage in the internet economy.

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