IRS Compliance management with Trolley Tax

Add Trolley, stay compliant with IRS regulations

Stay on top of changing thresholds for forms 1099 & 1042 production and delivery.

With Trolley, you can automate your IRS compliance management process when paying within the US and anywhere else globally. Save time with our self-service approach to generating recipient W-8s and W-9s, automatic activity allocation, and EoY filing.

Screenshot of Trolley’s tax compliance features

Key features of our IRS compliance product​

Collect info for Forms W-8, W-8 BEN, and W-9 directly from recipients with a self-serve tool.
Generate tax records on each payout and withhold taxes as needed.
Enjoy automatic income classification and payment allocation.
Generate Forms 1099-K, 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, & 1042-S for every recipient.
E-file directly with the IRS within minutes.

Digital W-8 & W-9 collection and earnings allocation

Whether you use Trolley’s white-label portal or embedded widget, it’s easy to securely collect payee identification and tax information.

Generate EoY reports in minutes and e-file with the IRS

Streamline statement generation and filing (1099 & 1042-S) with automated year-end tax reporting. Comply with the IRS's regulations for contractor, non-employee, royalty, and other forms of income.

tax compliance 1042-s

1099-K: Comply with the IRS’s changing thresholds

With gross payment and transaction thresholds changing over the next few years, EoY tax statements for your US-based marketplace should increase exponentially. Trolley's payouts solution offers native tax support for IRS Form 1099-K.

Keep up with regulations without the dev work

With ever-changing regulations, keeping up with an in-house tax product can distract from your core offering. Trolley Tax ensures you are always up to date and those ever-changing regulations never affect your business continuity.

Scale your business globally

Expand across borders without the headache of global regulations. Trolley’s Tax product also supports DAC7 compliance for EU-based sellers. Collect tax information, make regular payments, and generate EoY reports ready to submit to authorities in any of the 27 EU member states.

An all-in-one solution for the internet economy

With Trolley, your teams can save nearly 80% of the time spent managing administrative tasks related to contractor payouts and taxes. Plus, our simple-to-understand pricing means fewer fees and FX surprises.

Send faster payouts, simplify your tax process, and sync your tools with one platform

Let Trolley take care of payouts, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.