DAC7 Compliance management with Trolley Tax

Your end-to-end solution for DAC7 compliant payouts

For online platforms with hundreds or thousands of non-employee sellers, complying with ever-changing global tax regulations can be challenging at scale.

Trolley’s DAC7 Compliance product is an all-in-one solution to maintain continual compliance when paying EU-based sellers. Collect tax information, make regular payments, and generate EOY reports ready to submit to authorities in any of the 27 EU member states.

Key features of our DAC7 compliance product

Hassle-free tax info collection with our intuitive self-serve tool, tailored for EU sellers.
Robust support for all four activities reportable under DAC7, from sale of goods to property rental.
Add tax records to every payout, making compliance stress-free and efficient.
Comprehensive EOY reports in XML format to ensure smooth reporting to EU tax authorities.
[Coming Soon] Navigate US and EU regulatory landscapes seamlessly from a single platform.

Get Compliant with the EU's DAC7 Regulation in Minutes

Avoid the major data-management processes expected when reporting end-of-year seller data.

Trolley offers a 100% DAC7-compliant solution for platforms based in the EU and those who are paying EU-based sellers. Capture seller data during onboarding, attach activity data with every payment, and then generate the required XML submission file in just a few clicks at the end of the year.

Seamlessly Build DAC7 Data Collection into Onboarding

With Trolley, it doesn't matter which country you or your sellers operate in, because we collect all the information required for DAC7 compliance during our exceptional recipient onboarding process.

As your sellers jump onto your platform for the first time, we securely collect all necessary tax ID, location, and banking data, making sure they're ready to be paid, and you have what you need for proper EOY filing. All this is deployed 100% branded in your company details, so you can take full credit with Trolley under the hood.

Generate EOY Reporting Files in Minutes, Not Weeks

The average tax/finance team needs to dedicate 4 full weeks to generate end-of-year reports.

With Trolley's Tax product, replace complicated manual processes, programming of XML reporting files, and/or form filing with a single tool.

Stay Compliant With US Regulations

Trolley can also help you manage taxes and comply with the IRS's regulations on contractor, non-employee, royalty, and other forms of income. Streamline supplier tax onboarding (W-9 & W-8 BEN) and filing (1099 & 1042-S) with automated form collection, validation, withholding calculations, payouts, and year-end tax reporting.

Send faster payouts, simplify your tax process, and sync your tools with one platform

Let Trolley take care of payouts, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.