Streamline payouts, compliance, and seller management with one platform

When done in silos, seller management can get complicated and introduce additional risks.

Trolley is the end-to-end platform which simplifies and automates seller-related workflows like global payouts, taxes, and risk management.

Payouts for marketplaces

Seller payouts and management trusted by marketplaces

All-in-one platform for payouts, taxes, and risk management

Seller Onboarding

Compliant onboarding: Collect & verify seller info with a white-labeled UI

Communicate account updates directly to sellers

Bills due

Ingest invoices or bills directly to Trolley and convert them into payment batches

Send global payouts, build custom payment workflows, and sync with ERPs

Withhold taxes where needed, generate & e-file end-of-year tax forms

Flag & stop suspicious account activity with built-in risk management

Make onboarding sellers a breeze

Build trust in your marketplace and collect information through a single, streamlined flow. Whether you use Trolley’s white-label portal, API, or embedded widget, it’s easy to collect payee bank and tax information securely.

Own the relationships with your sellers

Stronger relationships are built when you own the experience without third parties and your data stays secure: pay direct-to-bank (bypass third party wallets), provide sellers a real-time account dashboard, and directly communicate through a secure platform.

Flexible payments to almost anyone, almost anywhere

In a global marketplace, sellers with unique products/services can come from anywhere. Trolley’s payment network spans across 210+ countries & territories, paying out in 135+ currencies—so you can pay deserving vendors around the world.

Pay via:

Automate tax compliance across US and EU

Don’t let ever-changing compliance rules be the friction that limits your growth.Trolley ensures automating tax compliance for US-sourced payouts and for EU-based sellers without complications eliminating hours of month-end, year-end work.


Collect all relevant tax info during onboarding and generate signed


Manage withholding exemptions


Withhold taxes automatically on applicable payments


Issue tax forms to your sellers at the end of the year


E-file directly to the IRS or EU jurisdiction

De-risk your marketplace

Growth comes with its own set of challenges: bad actors see opportunities to take advantage of a successful platform. Trolley understands the importance of risk management when it comes to payouts.

Manage your payout workflows in one powerful platform

Reduce payout cycles by up to three weeks by consolidating your workflows across teams. Integrate our all-in-one solution to pay sellers globally all while taking manual work and risk out of your processes.

Global payments to 210+ countries and territories
Tax compliance in 28 countries across the US and the EU
Payout workflow automation and consolidation
Data sync with all your systems, from royalty calculators to ERPs
Identity verification, business verification, and risk management
Top-notch customer support

Embed payouts with a dev-friendly platform

Trolley scales with your business and lets you build a payout experience tailored to your artists.

Hold music?
What’s hold music?

Trolley has one of the best response times across the industry. Whether it is a payment issue or related to your workflows, our team ensures it's heard and taken care of. Leading enterprises have reduced their support queues by up to 70% using Trolley.

Reduce payout times by

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Less fees over wallets

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End-of-year tax reporting in minutes vs weeks

Save time with an end-to-end platform

Focus on your core workflows and let Trolley handle payouts and compliance. Trolley is built for the internet economy, so you don’t have to choose between scale, speed, and quality.

Trust & bank-level security baked in at every step

Sleep easy knowing we’re following the highest global standards for managing customer funds and data.

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Bug hunt:

Bugcrowd uses Trolley to make daily payments to ethical hackers

Security bugs are almost unavoidable in the swarm of digital interconnectivity. Most businesses lack the focused teams and breadth of experience necessary to find and swat every single digital issue. Luckily, thanks to Bugcrowd, a distributed, international crew of hacker-researchers with diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise is readily available for hire.

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