Offer world-class payouts and grow your affiliate platform

Offer your partner brands a streamlined and efficient affiliate payment system. Unlock new revenue potential, empower brands to make payouts directly from your dashboard, and deliver best-in-class payouts by partnering with Trolley

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Deliver friction-free
affiliate payouts

“Quick payments are critical to maintaining positive relationships with our partners.

Since we integrated Trolley into our system, our recipient onboarding and payouts have become much simpler and easier.”

Cody Bye
Co-Founder & Chief Growth + Sales Officer at NitroPay

How affiliate payments work

Sign up and become a partner

Setup a call with Trolley to learn more about the platform, run a soft compliance check (no document required), then finalize a partnership agreement

Integrate quickly & easily

Once your account is set up, Trolley supports implementation into your product from a technical and development point-of-view, leveraging our ready-to-use API’s to get started quickly

Offer global payouts to your brands

After you go live in your product, your brands can go through a quick compliance check and start sending payouts anywhere. Trolley will follow up with monthly feedback and ongoing reporting

Why choose Trolley for affiliate payments?

Modular toolset

Global payouts, tax forms, & ERP syncing via one integration

White-label capabilities

Brandable to your partners’ specific needs

Customized solutions

Built to fit the nuances of your platform and  workflows

Partnership advantage

On-demand support and co-marketing opportunities

Focus on growth

Scale and let Trolley handle payouts

Dev tools

Leverage our flexible API to build an exceptional payouts experience

Quickly send payouts anywhere

Provide brand partners access to one of the broadest global payout networks, flexible payment options that match their recipients’ needs, and allow them to pay affiliates faster than ever!

Simplified end-of-year tax filing

Close out tax season in minutes. Trolley’s tax solution consolidates recipient data collection, simplifies withholding calculations, and automates end-of-year reporting and statement generation.

Best-in-class affiliate experience

Streamlined affiliate onboarding and automated recipient communications offers your brands a full-service, fully-brandable solution:

Sync systems and save manual work

Trolley’s built-in integrations save hours of work, reduce manual effort, prevent duplication errors, and provide the visibility needed to make business decision faster. Sync allows you to:

Trust & security into every step

Following the highest global standards expected when managing customer funds and data, we operate with the utmost sensitivity and are continuously optimizing to better understand and prevent fraud.

Secure, self-service
partner onboarding

“At the end of the day, we’ve been able to reduce payment turn-around times from 90+ days to 30 days or less. Quick payments are critical to maintaining positive relationships across our entire Partner Network.”

Jenae Gargano
Manager of Global Partner Operations at GoTo

Payments run smoother with Trolley

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Send faster payouts, simplify your tax process, and sync your tools with one platform

Let Trolley take care of payouts, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.