Trust every transaction with built-in ID verification

Compliance regulations are catching up with the internet economy and this puts pressure on platforms and marketplaces to understand who their recipients are. In a single tool, Trolley offers product & compliance teams a more robust and secure onboarding process, tools to collect and verify identity documents, and a dashboard to manage fraud risk.

Trolley Trust

How it works:

Collect government ID
Recipients scan their valid government ID during onboarding.

Capture live selfie

Then recipients verify with a live image capture.

Compare information

The ID document and the recipient information provided to Trolley are contrasted to ID any discrepancies.

Verify identity

We compare the government ID with the live selfie to confirm the identity.

Automatic re-verifications

Set conditions to trigger automatic re-verification when a risk is flagged.

Automate KYC and and stay compliant
(coming soon)

The rise of the internet economy is driving a new generation of financial compliance regulations across the globe, with the INFORM Consumers Act in the USA, and the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts in the EU leading this charge. These are significant steps towards creating a safer and more transparent digital environment for consumers and businesses alike. With Trolley Trust, you can focus on the growth of your platform and leverage our industry leading technology to manage a strong but seamless compliance process.

Screenshot of Trolley’s security and SOC 2 compliance

Verify your recipients

Maintain compliance while delivering a seamless onboarding experience for your recipients:

Lower the risk on each payout

Verifying identity and maintaining audit logs ultimately helps in establishing trust between your platform, your recipients, and your users. Live with peace of mind knowing your platform is fighting fraud on auto-pilot.

Deliver a seamless onboarding experience

Improve your recipient recruitment conversion rates with the best recipient experience available today. Within a single end-to-end flow you can:

An all-in-one solution for the internet economy

With Trolley, your teams can save nearly 80% of the time spent managing administrative tasks related to contractor payouts and tax. Plus, our simple-to-understand pricing means fewer fees and FX surprises.

Reduce account take-overs and suspicious activity (Launching soon)

Account takeovers are a problem, where a bad actor is trying to capitalize on the hard work of a legitimate recipient. Eliminate the risk of this type of fraud by:

Send faster payouts, simplify your tax process, and sync your tools with one platform

Let Trolley take care of payouts, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.