Operate confidently & compliantly in Europe

Automate your seller onboarding and data collection processes with Trolley’s DSA compliance toolkit and trust solutions. Bundling business verification, identity verification, and data collection allows you to meet the EU’s Digital Services Act requirements and reduce your overall risk.

DSA process
DSA process

Trolley automates DSA seller compliance for your growing marketplace

Compliant seller onboarding: a competitive advantage

Operate in Europe with no interruptions. Meet the challenges of the Digital Services Act with a superior seller onboarding process, data collection, and a streamlined ID verification flow.

Collect seller information

Built-in KYC & KYB

Whether you work with individuals and/or businesses, Trolley allows you to verify identity and documents in a single workflow.

Individual verification (KYC)

Identity and document verification

Collect and validate ID documents versus 11K official government ID templates from over 200 countries.

Live photo validation

Use the power of live image recognition to ensure the uploaded ID matches the actual person submitting it.

Proof of address and age validation

Manually verify details provided during onboarding with information extracted from the provided documents.

Business verification (KYB)

Business document verification

Collect and verify data from business documents such as certificates of incorporation, partnership agreements, tax registration, and many more.

Status and verification data points

Access verified business names, registration numbers, addresses, and other data via our platform or API.

Set up customized workflows

Use the verification data from KYC and KYB using API’s to set up your own customized workflows.

Reinforce trust & safety for your marketplace

Scaling your marketplace comes with its challenges: as you grow and make more payouts, scammers may seek to profit. Put the tools in place to dissuade and block bad actors.

Verify and validate seller IDs
Build DSA compliant marketplaces

Consolidate workflows & grow stress-free

Trolley is an end-to-end platform built to consolidate your payout-related workflows, with built-in risk management tools. Here’s what our powerful global payouts and tax platform offers:

Automate manual processes and reduce friction across teams with native DSA compliance in a world-class payouts platform.

A modular, DSA-compliant payouts stack

Built for the developers, Trolley offers all the tools you need, when you need them. Our modular API stacks allows you to integrate any of our products—Pay, Tax, Sync, Trust—into your tech stack as your business scales and you find more need for automation.

Trigger payouts, taxes, or onboarding flows fully defined by your business rules
Maintain up-to-date payout data across all your systems
Build self-serve capabilities for your users
REST API + SDK in multiple programming languages
Pick and choose what you want, when you want
Free-forever sandbox environment

The only payouts platform with built-in global compliance

Learn why the industry’s best trust Trolley.