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Finding the next big hit is challenging— keeping your global hitmakers happy shouldn't be.

Trolley streamlines workflows in an easy-to-use, end-to-end royalty payouts platform: artist onboarding, identity verification, global payouts, and tax compliance all in one place.

Music streaming & royalty payouts

The best in music trust Trolley to handle payouts

We pay over 1.5 million rights holders, send over 150,000 royalty payouts every month, & file more than 200,000 artist tax forms annually.

Make onboarding artists & rights holders a breeze

Meet global compliance requirements and collect information in a single streamlined flow. Whether you use Trolley’s white-label portal, API, or embedded widget, it’s easy to collect payee bank and tax information securely.

Artist onboarding
Strengthen relationships with a best-in-class artist management experience

Strengthen relationships with a best-in-class artist management experience

Give transparency to your artists or rights holders with a real-time dashboard and communicate updates with them without lifting a finger.

Send fast & flexible payments anywhere

In a global, social-led environment, the next big artist may not live in your backyard. Trolley’s payment network spans over 210+ countries & territories, paying out in 135+ currencies—so you can pay deserving artists around the world. Pay via:

Recipients have the freedom to choose the payment methods that works best for them. Remove manual processes, technical hurdles, and make payments often, faster.

Automate tax withholding & IRS compliance

Don’t let ever-changing compliance rules be the friction that limits your growth. Trolley ensures simplified tax compliance without complications.

Manage royalty workflows in one powerful platform

Reduce payout cycles by up to three weeks by consolidating your workflows across teams. Integrate our all-in-one solution to pay artists globally and manage tax compliance, all while taking manual work and risk out of your processes. Trolley offers:

Global payments to 210+ countries and territories.
Tax compliance in 28 countries across the US and the EU.
Payout workflow automation and consolidation.
Data sync with all your systems, from royalty calculators to ERPs.
Identity verification, business verification, and risk management.
Top-notch customer support.

Trust & bank-level security baked in at every step

Sleep easy knowing we’re following the highest global standards for managing customer funds and data.

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A dev-friendly platform to build advanced royalty tools on

Trolley scales with your business and lets you build a payout experience tailored to your artists.

Empower your partners & business managers with the tools and access they need

Aggregate payout systems across all your businesses, partners, agencies, and managers within one platform. Leverage your scale to reduce costs or even earn additional revenues.

All Gain, No Pain:

Music Distribution Platform Soundrop Gets Tax Compliant With Trolley

Getting songs onto platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok is difficult for independent artists to do by themselves. Working with a distributor makes this much easier, but not all digital distributors are created equal—they can leave artists on the hook with subscription payments or paying fees to receive their hard-earned royalties.

Morgan Levy's Soundrop testimonial

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