New Features: User Permissions and Custom Payment Approval Workflows

Building a business is not easy! Building it by yourself is even harder. Over the past few months, one of the most requested features has been the ability to assign your team different user permissions and have custom payment approval workflows for your Trolley account – and we’re excited to now make this available! Multi-User AccessIn your account Settings, you’ll find a Team settings tab. From here you can invite new users to your Trolley account, remove existing users, and even change your team members’ roles. Your new users also come with their very own set of permissions.

A screenshot showing the add member button in the teams settings within the Trolley dashboard.

Simply click on Add Team Member, enter in their name, email and select the role you wish to assign them, and they will receive an email inviting them to access your company Trolley account.

User Roles

There are 5 user roles that can be assigned to your team members, each with different permissions:

  • Owner/Signing Officer:   Is for the main account owner, and gives you access to everything. You can create and send payments, setup direct debit funding, make transfers, change settings, invite new users, etc.  This is usually the CEO or CFO in your company who is also a signatory on your company bank account.
  • Admin:  Gives access to everything with the exception of forms requiring signatory rights, and the ability create other Admin users.  This is usually the person who is spending the most time managing your Trolley account.
  • Developer:   Can create and edit payments and recipients, and can access and edit Account Settings – very important if you are integrating with our API or Recipient Widget.
  • Team Member:   Can create and edit payments and recipients. Team Members dont have access to settings  or account funding. These users will often be doing much of the work of preparing batches of payments and managing your recipients.
  • Read Only:  Read only users can only view payments and recipients. They cannot add or edit payments or recipients, and they can’t access account settings. This is often ideal for your support staff or staff performing internal reconciliations.
A screenshot demonstrating the user roles controls in the Trolley dashboard.

Payment Approval Workflow

With our built-in workflow approval engine, you can automate your existing accounts payable approval process, requiring the approval of one signatory or multiple signatories before any payout is sent.  Your CFO will love you for this feature. When a batch of payments requires approval, the users that are authorized to approve it are automatically emailed so they can quickly login, review and approve. We also track who approved each batch, and if they decline it we capture the reason for declining it so it can be fixed.

Our powerful approval engine allows you to define custom settings for your payment approval flow, including:

  • Limits:  Define what you classify as a high limit amount for your company, so you can have specific approval flows based on the value of each payment/batch. We allow you to set 2 separate limits and flows, one for lower amounts (e.g. less than $20,000) and one for higher amounts (e.g. $20,000+).
  • Assign Approvers:  Which users in your company can approve payments above your high approval limit (e.g. $20,000), and which ones can approve payments below that limit (e.g. less than $20,000).
  • How many users need to approve payments:  E.g. for payments over $20,000 you may require at least 2 out of 3 users to approve them, whereas for payments of less than $20,000 may only require one user to approve it.

A screenshot showing the approval process settings screen within the Trolley dashboard.

Now you don’t have to go at it alone.  Empower your team to help you grow your business with trusted roles and permissions that meet the your internal business rules.

Global Payout Platform

Join us as we build the future of Fintech. Trolley’s payout infrastructure allows businesses to access global banking, faster payment systems, and real-time networks to send payments domestically and internationally in 150+ currencies to 200+ countries for as low as $1 through a single platform.   We’ve made the process so easy that you can approve your payments from anywhere you are and never have to visit your bank again.

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