The Enterprise Evolution: How Trolley Plus Changes the Game (+ Which Plan to Choose)

As your trusted partner in payouts, Trolley is thrilled to announce a new version of our end-to-end payouts automation solution that’s tailored to fast-growing companies and enterprises. 

We’ve learned from each of the hundreds of customers we’ve onboarded, and have come to realize our plans and feature sets needed to evolve in a way that bakes in both flexibility and scalability in order to better help our customers grow with Trolley—everyone from SMBs to Fortune 500-level enterprises. 

We recognize the complexities that accompany growth, especially in the context of evolving payout and tax compliance requirements and managing data across systems. With all this in mind, we created Trolley Plus: an all-encompassing toolkit, marked by enterprise-grade features and volume-based advantages. 

By virtue of this new product tier, Trolley customers can rest easy knowing that their future growth is accounted for. “In the context of our go-to-market strategy, launching Trolley Plus is a huge step forward,” says Vincent Guérin, Trolley’s VP Marketing. “With this new all-in-one solution, we can best serve customers at any stage of their business journey, with a price that makes the most sense for their needs.”

Read on to discover the details of this exciting new development in Trolley’s history and to answer the question: Which Trolley plan is the right one for your business? 

What is Trolley Plus?

As scaling companies and enterprises ascend to new stages of their evolution, tax compliance, data synchronization, and fraud management emerge as pivotal challenges that impede progress and drain resources. Our goal is to eliminate the need for massive team expansions or unwieldy integrations. Trolley Plus offers an integrated solution to these pressing issues.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Trolley Plus a great choice for fast-growing companies and enterprises: 

  • Access to enterprise-grade features

Trolley Plus users have access to advanced cost control features, like Revenue Stream. This means they have multiple ways to manage the transaction costs for their freelancers or contractors, thereby reducing the cost of payouts. 

The Trolley Plus plan also offers a multi-jurisdiction tax compliance product that’s ready to address regulatory processes in the USA and across all 27 EU member states, with more to come. 

With granular user roles, Trolley Plus admin users can get specific with permissions for all their account’s users—including permissions for creating and approving invoices, recipients, and more. 

The plan also includes higher API rate limits, so you can make more transactions per second (like creating recipients and invoices and sending payouts).

It also features a native NetSuite integration. Companies using both NetSuite and Trolley in their payouts stack can lean on this product-to-product connection to eliminate data duplication work and errors caused by manual data transfer processes.

  • Management for complex organizations

Cross-entity recipient syncing makes it easy for businesses with complex structures to consolidate operations into one account. For multi-entity companies with recipients across different business groups or subsidiaries, Trolley Plus allows them to be managed under one plan, making data collection a one-time, simplified user experience. 

The sub-merchant model provides built-in support for parent and child accounts, so users can set up their account models with flexibility. It also ensures that users have one pricing model across their high-volume and low-volume businesses.

  • No charge for onboarding non-paid recipients

With Trolley Plus, you can onboard as many recipients as you want, free of cost. You only pay for those who you send funds to.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager is a huge perk that’s built into Trolley Plus, because our customers frequently cite consistent, rapid customer service as one of Trolley’s greatest strengths. 

Trolley Plus customers will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who’s fully available to provide timely one-on-one advice, help implement more efficient workflows, and maximize savings.

How is Trolley Plus different from the Standard plan?

Trolley Plus is an all-in-one solution for customers who want to solve challenges that come with payouts at scale. It includes Pay, Tax, and Sync, plus the advantages listed above—meaning costs around all problems adjacent to payouts have already been incorporated into the plan. It is also scalable, for companies who expect exponential growth and want a predictable solution that they can rely on.

The Standard plan is a flexible option for SMBs who may not need all of our products. It’s great for customers who are only interested in the Pay product, for example, or who want to be able to pick and choose other products like Tax and Sync on a case-by-case basis.

How is Trolley Standard different from the old Grow and Platform?

Moving forward, Trolley Grow and Platform will be part of what we call Trolley Standard. Within Standard, you can choose from any or all of our modules: Pay, Tax, or Sync. It’s actually a bit more flexible than the old plans. 

If you are an existing customer and any of these changes will impact your account, a Customer Success Manager will reach out directly over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to learn more about these new changes, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll set up a 1:1 conversation with a Trolley CSM.

How do I know which plan is right for my business?

We recommend that enterprises and companies anticipating rapidly evolving payouts and tax compliance needs opt for the Trolley Plus plan. It’s built to scale with you as your business grows, and contains volume-based advantages. Certainly, if your company has multiple entities or needs to comply with tax regulations in both the US and the EU, Trolley Plus is the way to go.

Additionally, if your company has a complex problem that needs to be solved quickly, having a dedicated Customer Success Manager on the Trolley Plus plan is a huge benefit. This ensures a fast, clean onboarding experience and a full resourcing suite to help solve problems. 

We know, however, that the Trolley Plus plan isn’t the right solution for every business—that’s where the Standard plan comes in. For SMBs looking to stay lean, the Standard plan allows them to scale as they go. We’re ready when you are.

Our Standard plan offers a ton of great features to get started with Trolley. It plugs you into Trolley’s banking network and provides a lot of the same capabilities as the Trolley Plus plan, but offers pay-as-you-go per-recipient and per-use costs that are prepaid with Trolley Plus. It also allows you to pay month to month. 

The Standard plan is a great option for companies that only need to comply with tax regulations in one jurisdiction (the US or EU), for example. Companies on the Standard plan can choose to start with our Pay product, and add Tax and Sync as their needs scale. It gives businesses the opportunity to pick the product(s) they need at the right time, and as their usage scales, move to Trolley Plus only when it makes sense economically. 

If you find that you’re already using all of Trolley’s products on the Standard plan, maybe it’s time to upgrade to Trolley Plus to take advantage of its additional features. 

Want to know more about Trolley Plus? Read our Q&A with VP Revenue Conor Cox for answers to all your Trolley Plus-related questions.

If you’re unsure of which Trolley plan to choose, there’s no better way to get expert help than by contacting our team

For more information about Trolley Plus, visit the Trolley Pricing page. You can also always take the Trolley product tour or book a demo to learn more about our products.

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