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Unleashing An Enterprise-Grade Sync: Trolley Adds Integration With Oracle NetSuite

At Trolley, we’re committed to making our product more interoperable – and working towards this goal by offering more solutions to streamline the payout and financial operations of your business, reducing both error and effort while enhancing visibility and decision-making capabilities.

That’s why we are very excited to announce the latest expansion of our Trolley Sync product: the native integration with Oracle NetSuite.

Trolley Sync & Oracle NetSuite: A Perfect Partnership

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: think of Trolley Sync as your go-to financial courier, a powerful tool that allows you to manage your open bills and vendors from within your ERP while carrying the heavy load of executing all associated payout processing in Trolley.

Our new NetSuite functionality extends this to those enterprise-level users taking advantage of NetSuite’s cloud accounting software to automate AP and streamline tax management.

With the new Netsuite integration, you can:

  1. Automatically import open bills and vendors from NetSuite into Trolley
  2. Once paid via Trolley, automatically mark bills as paid in NetSuite
  3. Eliminate imports or manual scrambling; put your accounts payable on auto pilot.

This integration with Oracle NetSuite is a testament to Trolley’s ongoing mission to broaden our ERP support. “Our goal is to knit different software into a single, seamless fabric,” shares Shriya Balumur, PM of Sync & Partnerships. “With the NetSuite integration as part of Trolley Sync, we are making this dream a reality. We’re ensuring that companies who use both NetSuite and Trolley in their Payouts Stack can eliminate data duplication work or the errors caused by such manual processes.”

The Impact of Tool-to-Tool Communication on Finance Teams

This synergy between NetSuite and Trolley will smooth out how NetSuite-based accountants and payouts teams will create bills, pay recipients, automate data flow between tools, and perform line-item-level reconciliation, saving hours of manual work. The integration also aids in preserving data integrity, reducing errors, and providing enhanced visibility for faster decision-making.

“Trolley is essentially empowering the financial decision-making process without taking over. The control over whom to pay, how much, and how to do it still rests with our customers,” Balumur adds.

A Perfect Match for Accounting Teams

At Trolley, we believe that our Sync integration with Oracle NetSuite is an exciting leap forward in our product’s evolution, one that will simplify your financial processes and enhance operational efficiency. 

As we move forward with even more Trolley integrations and further expansion of the Sync product, our mission remains the same: no matter the size of your business, we want to help make contractor payouts and tax compliance an intuitive, streamlined, and efficient process.

If you don’t create bills but want transactions reconciled to your ERP automatically, our product team has you covered. For example, we’re currently working on supporting journal entries for different ERPs. 

As always, please reach out to our team if you would like to share insights you think will help us build a product you’d love to use.

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