GoTo Integrates Trolley to Automate Payouts & Improve Partner Experience

To us, it’s simple. Businesses that offer timely, reliable, and transparent payouts build better relationships with their suppliers and partners. Investing in the payout experience can make a big difference in your ability to attract and retain talented partners.

Look no further than GoTo and their GoTo Partner Network.

GoTo, formerly LogMeIn, is the developer and provider of top-of-class software tools for IT teams and SMBs. Their portfolio includes well-known tools GoToWebinar, GoToConnect, GoToMyPC, and LastPass. 

With 3,000+ partners worldwide, GoTo knows first-hand the value of a strong payout experience. The GoTo Partner Network provides integrators, service providers, and resellers with opportunities to earn commissions when their clients choose GoTo’s best-in-class software solutions. 

Adding Trolley has helped us improve our commission payment process. This has cemented our position as the leading partner program in our industry,” says Jenae Gargano, GoTo’s Manager of Global Partner Operations. “Our Partners are pleased with the amount of visibility we can provide into their upcoming commission payments. On top of this, Trolley’s helped us automate our processes, driving a better experience for everyone involved.”

These partners make up a significant revenue channel for GoTo, and in 2021 alone, the GoTo Partner network paid out over $8 million in commissions. With this much business passing through partner hands, GoTo depends on Trolley’s payouts features to offer their partners an unparalleled experience getting paid. 

“We remove the heavy-lifting of manual payout processes,” said Tim Nixon, CEO & Founder of Trolley. “GoTo benefits from Trolley’s powerful features such as the brandable recipient widget, live payment tracking, bank account validation, and tax form collection. These are just a few ways in which we’ve made recipient onboarding and payouts simple.”

Gargano agrees, “Before Trolley, we ran into challenges with collecting Partner’s information, delaying their commission payments. By embedding the Trolley Widget into our portal, Partners can self-service their own accounts and operate entirely within one environment. It’s a more secure way for them to submit their sensitive bank and tax information.”

“At the end of the day, we’ve been able to reduce payment turn-around times from 90+ days to 30 days or less. Quick payments are critical to maintaining positive relationships across our entire Partner Network.”

GoTo has seen fantastic success working with Trolley, getting over 3000 partners paid regularly. Trolley has helped the GoTo team offer a partner experience that is second to none. And this is fuelling growth across GoTo’s product line. 

Book your Trolley demo today if you’d like to learn how Trolley can help improve your payout experience. Our team would be happy to answer any of your questions and show you why we are the best solution for your payout needs.

About Trolley

At Trolley, we’re building the payouts platform for the internet economy. With a fully customizable payout management platform and a robust API, Trolley allows users to make and manage payments to 215+ countries in 135+ different currencies. Trolley is quickly becoming the payouts platform of choice for businesses that need to pay creators, musicians, artists, makers, vendors, on-demand workers, or any other type of supplier.

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GoTo Integrates Trolley to Automate Payouts & Improve Partner Experience

GoTo Integrates Trolley to Automate Payouts & Improve Partner Experience

GoTo depends on Trolley and our payout features to provide their partners…

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