Trolley Strengthens Leadership Team adding VP Marketing and VP Payment Network/GM Asia

Based on the news from Trolley over the last few months, it’s pretty clear we’re in a growth phase. A few examples:

Our team has grown by 200% since 2020, and we’re adding amazing new customers every month. All the above speaks to our ongoing efforts toward building the payouts platform for the internet economy.

Continuing this momentum in 2022 (and way beyond) is very important. That’s why we would like to announce two critical additions to the Trolley team—new leaders who will help open up all-new avenues of growth.

Vincent Guérin has joined Trolley as our VP Marketing. His mandate is to communicate the unique value of Trolley to all-new markets and grow our revenues through new and existing channels.

Gabor Hava has also come on board and is taking on the dual role of VP Payment Network & GM Asia. He will work to establish our presence in Asia, from our new Singapore office, and expand our global payment network, with a strategic focus on instant and local payout methods.

Vincent Guérin – VP Marketing

As we open new markets and expand our payment network, building our brand and making the market aware of our offerings is equally important.

As our new VP Marketing, Vincent Guérin will develop and lead the execution of Trolley’s marketing strategy, working to build all-new channels and revenue opportunities. Vincent plans to brand and position Trolley as a unique player in the payouts space—the only truly global payouts-focused platform.

With over a decade of marketing strategy and leadership experience, Vincent comes to Trolley with an established track record in B2B and SaaS marketing. In his most recent role as Director of Marketing at ShareGate, he built a revenue-oriented marketing team that demonstrated consistent, year-over-year growth.

“Trolley is a world-class payouts platform, and with its value-added tax, compliance, and security features, it’s really in a category of its own. I’m excited to build a marketing team who will tell interesting product stories, share how our customers are succeeding, and really let the world know about what Trolley can do for them.”

Vincent Guérin, VP Marketing

Gabor Hava – VP Payment Network/GM Asia

Trolley’s mission is to enable businesses to reach workers from all corners of the world and offer creators, on-demand workers, and suppliers the ability to bring their specialized talents to a global market. With 4.7 billion people living in Asia, we understand the potential is huge and, as such, there is a need for us to focus on this market and create a physical presence there.

We’re pleased to announce that Gabor Hava has joined Trolley as our new VP Payment Network/GM Asia, working from Trolley’s new Singapore office. Gabor has held leadership and management positions in financial service and fintech companies for more than 15 years, and he most recently served as the VP Partnerships (Global) with Thunes.

“Trolley helps our customers connect with and provide opportunities to skilled, hardworking people. Asia makes up 60% of the global population, yet it is underserved from a payouts point of view. There are unique local payout preferences that need to be considered. As GM Asia, Gabor will open new opportunities for this part of the world.”

Tim Nixon, CEO & Founder of Trolley

Our existing customers, and the market in general, have noted that they’re looking for more payment methods, in more geographies, with faster delivery speeds. As our VP Payment Network, Gabor will also be responsible for building upon our existing banking network to enhance our core payment services, with network expansion planned in Asia, Africa, and South America.

“Offering payouts around the world is a major challenge. Yet, by establishing strategic partnerships with leading banks and local fintechs, our goal of building a payouts platform that is local, global, and instant is completely achievable.”

Gabor Hava, VP Payment Network/GM Asia

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