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Hiring Freelancers: 6 Things Gig-Workers Want in a Marketplace

Hiring freelancers is an excellent way to help create the projects you need with limited resources. But once you’ve hired these freelancers, you’re going to have to manage them and pay them. Building a strong working relationship with your freelancer is imperative to the success of any project. Below are 6 straightforward points on what freelancers really want that will help you in creating a great working relationship.

1. Payments, on time! (Regardless of the country they live in)

This is a big one. The American Freelancers Union, which represents over 276,000 freelancers, recently reported 44% of its members facing issues getting paid last year. In addition to an average of 36 hours spent tracking down missed payments. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy relationship with your freelancer by paying them in a timely manner.

When it comes to paying non-domestic freelancers, companies will resort to using multiple payment systems to cover different parts of the globe. This creates extra administrative work and reduces the efficiency of your business and can become difficult to track. It’s a lose-lose situation for you and the freelancer.

With Trolley’s localized bank transfer in 65+ countries and in 150+ currencies, it’s easy to send payments faster. You can also automate when you want your payments to be sent, so you can get back to growing the business.

2. More Frequent Payments

With Trolley’s reduced costs, you can pay your freelancers more often. One of the most stressful aspects freelancers face is making sure that their clients actually pay them for their hard work.  Freelancers prefer payments at more regular intervals which provides them better and a more predictable cash flow. Your freelancers no longer need to wait a month to accrue their earnings to minimize the impact of the bank wire cost.

3. Paid in the Account & Method of their Choice

Delight your freelancers and pay them in the way they wanted to get paid. Whether it is via a bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, mobile money, or any other method desired, Trolley has you covered. Additionally, if freelancers can get paid the way they want, they’ll think of you as an ally that is willing to meet their needs, and they’ll know they made the right choice to work with you. See a list of all the payment method options Trolley offers to the freelancer industry.

4. Payment Status

Uncertainty, doubt, and ambiguity – nobody likes feeling this way. Providing your freelancers with information and status updates regarding their payments, is valuable, appreciated and provides them with peace of mind.

5. No Payment Fees as a Payee

It just doesn’t make sense. Why would you make your freelancer pay a fee to receive their payment? Trolley allows you to take care of that fee so your freelancer doesn’t end up with an unpleasant surprise.

6. Referrals

Say thanks and share your great experience with others. Referrals are the best way for freelancers to gain more work and exposure. If you’ve had a pleasant experience, spread the word – your freelancer will remember and appreciate it for the next time you work with them.

See how Trolley can help you take your freelancer marketplace to the next level!

With Trolley, easily keep everyone paid (and happy), so you can focus on growing your business.

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