Simplified royalty payouts: music to your ears

Finding the next big hit is a challenge, paying the artist behind it shouldn't be.

Simplify paying royalties to musicians and songwriters, starting with collecting tax information to calculating withholding for artists, wherever they are—in their career or on the planet.

Trolley improves accounts payable workflows by automating payouts and keeps your musicians happy by paying their royalties on-time and, in the method and currency they prefer.

"Trolley reduced our overhead for Accounts Payable by 90% by automating payouts, collecting tax details, and handling currency conversions on the fly."
Kain Jones, CEO –

Our Benefits

Payout to 1 or 1,000 artists in 1 click

Trolley's mass payouts tool makes it easy to pay your influencers for their songwriting or performance credits as easily as sending an email. Scale up your accounts payable with your business, no matter your size.

Automate tax compliance for music royalties

Automatically collect tax forms and withhold the correct amount of taxes based on every artist's country of residence. We keep all your records and withholding levels up to date so end-of-year filing is a snap.

Pay more artists faster

Keep your artists happier by paying their royalties in their own currency, faster and more conveniently than via bank transfer or money order. Happy artists stay with you longer, improving your catalog.

The worst part of paying global artists is tax compliance

The United States has treaties controlling how much tax needs to be withheld in dozens of different currencies to scores of different countries all over the world. Keeping up to date on the current policies and finding a fast, reliable way to send money every month or every quarter takes needless hours. Speed up your payouts with Trolley.

What makes Trolley better?


No more need to juggle multiple bank accounts, currencies, FX and payment method

Multiple Currencies

Pick a currency, any currency. We got it!

Worldwide Coverage

One platform. Global reach. Access new markets as you scale your business.

Payment Options

More payment options for your recipients

Plug and Play

Use your own Paypal wallet for a simplified and integrated experience

White-label Platform

Your brand is king. You take the credit while we support you.

Ready to use the best accounts payable solution for music royalties?

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