Trolley springs into action for GigSalad & 20K payees

6 weeks
to find and implement a new payouts partner
recipients paid without payout issues
payout methods including bank transfers, PayPal, & checks
Company Info
Local freelancers,
event planning
HQ Location
Springfield, MO, US
Customer Since
Freelance gig workers
Payout Countries
United States, Canada

GigSalad is a marketplace that connects millions of event professionals and vendors with event planners and hosts all across the United States and Canada. GigSalad is the largest marketplace for entertainers, music acts, event talent management, and food & beverage vendors to connect with people and organizations hosting events.

The challenge

In 2019, GigSalad’s existing payout vendor required some changes in their workflow that didn’t align with GigSalad’s strategy, and as a result, they went looking for another payouts provider.

GigSalad had been using another provider for their payouts when they learned with 6-weeks notice that they would need to find a new payouts partner, implement, test, and ship it live for nearly a hundred thousand payees. They had a very well-defined list of what they needed from their payouts vendor, but finding someone who could not only fill all their needs but also do it quickly was a serious concern. The key requirements for their payouts were: completely white-labelled, able to payout in multiple currencies, funds are sent daily to payees, and very responsive customer support. An added complication is that GigSalad has a complex mix of different payout methods: bank transfers, PayPal, & checks.
Locke from Gigsalad

We've been approached by other vendors and we’ve always been quick to realize that they cannot compete with Trolley at all. 

In terms of price, integrations, features, no one can compete. Trolley’s an impressive platform.

— Locke Bircher, VP Engineering & Partner, GigSalad

The solution

“Once we investigated the space fully, there were no question who we’d go with. No one else ticked all of those boxes, and it was awesome that Trolley filled all of our needs and did so very quickly.” said Bircher. “The integration with Trolley went very smoothly with no technical issues and was much less effort than our previous integration. The white-labelled iframe widget we use to collect information for payees is really, really well done. It’s the best in class payments widget.”

“We imported 18,000 payees into Trolley to make the switch from the old provider, it went like a charm. The Trolley team understood how crucial this was to our business and how urgent it was that we implement this in a timely manner, and we hit our deadlines with room to spare.”

The white-labelled iframe widget we use to collect information for payees is really, really well done. It’s the best in class payments widget.

The results

Trolley’s comprehensive payouts dashboard has closed a key loop for GigSalad’s own users. When any vendor has a question about a payment, GigSalad can self-serve answers on the status of all payouts completed and those pending. The full-featured API also made it easy to simply integrate Trolley’s payouts information into GigSalad’s other financial dashboards.

Further, as GigSalad contemplates future expansion opportunities in other global markets, they can depend on Trolley to manage global payouts in more than a hundred currencies & over 200 countries.

We’re thrilled to be using Trolley. We have 20,000 payees on Trolley and we never get calls from anyone about payment problems. Hundreds of payments and thousands of vendors a month, and it just works. It's hard to calculate the value of it, but it's an immense part of our business that's simply handled.

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