Solving Payout Problems for Influencer Platforms

Reports from Account Managers indicate your influencers are killin’ it. Big brands are coming back for more, and this time it’s on a global scale. Growth Managers need more reasons to entice the best influencers to join the platform. Your Controller is starting to drown, trying to keep up with the payouts. And Your CFO is always looking for ways to save the business money, like a great CFO does.

Over the past few months, our team has partnered with Influencer Platforms across the world to learn about the payout pain points they are experiencing. Here’s the breakdown of the payout problems and the Payment Rails solutions. A.K.A. the reasons why they started using us, right away. (No joke)

Payout Paint Point #1: It Costs A Lot

Your average influencer payout every month is around $4,000.00. Now tack on a 3% fee to send the payout, and your dishing out $120! (And that’s just one influencer).

Are you even making any money at this point? Let me be upfront with you. With Payment Rails, it costs a flat fee of $1 to send payouts in the US and Canada. That’s it. That’s all. This saves you and your influencers money.

Payout Paint Point #2: A lot of influencers = A lot of payouts

You’ve got a large database of active influencers, which is great! However, it also means you’ve got a lot of payouts to make and keep track of. Someone on your team is stressing over spending a whole lot of time keeping up with your payouts. Cue, the Payment Rails solution!

Influencer platforms find added value in our payment automation and tracking feature. They’ve been able to get organized and get their time back by streamlining their entire payment process across the world in one shot while tracking the status of each payout.

Payout Paint Point #3: Going Global

You’ve got big brands that are looking for platforms that have the capacity to roll out a global campaign. Tapping into your international influencer database is the easy part. The hard part is paying those cross-border influencers, without breaking the bank… Which you’ve probably began to think to yourself, is it even possible?

Roger that. It is! Allow me to break down our international rates for you.

US and Canada Bank Transfers


International Bank Transfers – 60+ other major countries (IACH)


Swift Bank Wires – 222 Countries


PayPal (PayPal fees still apply)

No additional fees

Setup Fees



Payout Paint Point #4: Collecting Banking Information

You don’t have to lift a finger. We provide an easy to setup JS Widget, which with a few lines of code, can be setup and ready on your website to manage the collection of payout details in a safe, secure and tokenized manner.

Payout Pain Point #5: Attracting the Best of the Best

Long story, short, here’s how we can help you attract the top influencers around the world.

Next Day Payment Delivery

Your influencers want to be paid quickly. (Don’t we all?)

Low Fees

Put more $ in the influencers pocket. No more passing fees onto them.

Easy and Secure Banking Information Collection

Our secure JS Widget collects private banking information of your influencers and stores the details in a tokenized and encrypted environment.

To learn more about how Payment Rails is helping Infuencers Platforms  by simplifying global payouts, visit our website.

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