February 2023 Update: Venmo Payouts, Trolley Integration with ERPs, 2022 Tax Center & more.

Trolley’s all geared up for 2023 with fresh updates, upgrades, and innovations. Hold on tight, this ride’s gonna be wild! 🎢

With any new year, we can’t help but feel a burst of energy, a spark of optimism, and a renewed zeal for all things bright and shiny. And speaking of shiny, here at Trolley, we are positively brimming with excitement to unveil a trolley-load of updates, upgrades, and innovations that will surely make your 2023 all the more delightful. So buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride!

First, the big feature launches that will help you dodge countless hours of toil in 2023!

To get started now, login to the Trolley platform. If you’re looking for more details, keep reading or book a demo of any features you think will add value to your payout workflow.

Now Available: Venmo Payments for US Customers

As of today, we have added Venmo as a Trolley payout method. You can make Venmo payments in USD directly to your recipients in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands for the Trolley platform.

Simply reach out to the Trolley Customer Success team and we will help you connect your PayPal account to get started.

Sync: Trolley’s native integration with Xero & Intuit QuickBooks Online

Save your Accounts Payables team hours of manual work by integrating Trolley with your ERP/Accounting suite with Trolley Sync. On top of this reduce manual effort, prevent duplication errors, and get the visibility needed to make business decisions faster.

Sync connects with Xero, and QuickBooks Online in less than a minute, and allows you to

  1. Create bills and vendors in Trolley automatically from your ERP
  2. Mark bills as paid in your ERP (Launching soon)
  3. Line-item level reconciliation in your ERP (Launching soon)

Stay IRS compliant with our 2022 EOY Tax Center

Well, with any new year, the number one thing on everyone’s mind is — of course — Taxes! But worry not, we’ve got you covered. Launched in December, the 2022 EOY Tax Center helps you by centralizing everything tax-related in one place. Just navigate to the Trolley portal and with a few simple clicks you can:

  1. Review 2022 Earnings
  2. Send Statements to Recipients
  3. E-File to the IRS directly from Trolley

We’ve been told by some customers they have been able to reduce weeks of tax season work into a few hours. So here’s wishing everyone a happy tax season.

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Trolley’s New Business Profile Form Enables Instant Payout Access

For those of you who are new to the platform or haven’t sent a payout yet, what are you waiting for? You could be sending payouts in minutes. We’ve rolled out a new Business Profile form that takes minutes to complete, and most users that finish this form will be given instant access to the following payout methods (PayPal, Venmo, & Checks).

If you want to gain access to the Trolley Payout Network, you can continue on afterwards and fill out the Bank Transfer Activation Form after you’ve completed the Business Profile.

What Else?

Now, a bunch of smaller updates making your life go from awesome to delightful 😉

  • Deprecated Croatian Kuna and Lipa support in the platform: Croatia has changed their national currency from Kuna and Lipa to the Euro from Jan 1, 2023. All existing recipients were migrated from Kuna to Euro. You can no longer create payouts using the Croatian Kuna payout method.
  • Country name changed from Swaziland to Eswatini: In line with the new official name of the country, we have reflected the change in the platform.
  • Added the ability to manually mark a payment as returned: The Trolley platform automatically marks many forms of payments as returned when the payment is returned, but a common ask from customers was to be able to manually mark payments as returned. You can now do the same in Trolley for PayPal & check payment methods in case there were issues with the PayPal API or the recipient confirmed not receiving their check.
  • Disabled decimal support for Hungarian HUF: To further optimize the deliverability of transactions in HUF, we have disabled decimal support to better align with the banking network.
  • Added support for 4-digit account numbers for USA ACH accounts: As per the account number standards in the USA, we have updated the Trolley platform to support account numbers between 4 and 17 digits in length.
  • Added Tags & External ID on CSV Uploads: Segment recipients using Tags, now supported in CSV uploads.
  • Avoid duplicate payments on CSV uploads: We also help you avoid duplicate payments with new errors when existing/duplicate External IDs are included in your CSV file.
  • 3D Secure support for EU customers: We improved our authentication flow when adding your credit card.
  • Push notifications when the balance is credited: We get it, it’s tough to get a good night’s sleep until you see your money in Trolley. Good news, you will now receive push notifications when your balance gets credited with steps to log in and check.
  • Pending payments in the Balance tab: US merchants had no way to see incoming direct debit transactions. We have added the ability to see pending transactions in your balance tab. An additional reconciliation layer has been added to match pending transactions we receive from from our banking partner when IDs do not match.

Want to know what else we’ve been working on? Check out Trolley’s May 2023 updates.

Interested in how Trolley can help you pay your global recipients? Book a demo.

Trolley is a full-featured payout and contractor tax solution that can automate your workflows. If you have questions about how we can help you streamline and enhance your existing processes, reach out to Trolley’s sales team or your customer success manager to learn more.

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